By Hasan Yahya, Ph.d



This tale of Omar bin al-Khattab, the scond Khalifa after Abu Bakr, in his judgment in the court: One day,

An injured person came in to the court and told Omar: Look at my eye, someone had taken it in a fight.

People in the court around Umar said:

O Omar, the man has the right, and is his eye is the evident in his side.

Wait a minute, we have to wait his partner in the fight, and listen to him, in order to give the right decision. Said Omar.

Why, so. The evident is a good proof. They were surprised.

Because, there is a probability, that the other person, may have more two eyes.

A similar story was told in the folklore of Jews, the story was about greediness and envy among people:


Once upon a time, there was a wise king, he had two close ministers, he knows one as envious person, and the other is greedy. One night, he wanted to test their selfishness and greediness. He asked them to wish something he will grant to them, but he added that if one ask first, the second will have double of what the first wished for. Both persons hesitated to begin because the second will have double of the wish of the first. After a while, the greedy person insisted that the envious person to be the first to wished, the envious man said:

- I want, your majesty, to pluck out one of my eyes.


What do you learn?

Sound judgment is the essence of court systems, thats in theory, but what we see these days, that human rights of citizens are violated, unfortunately by courts, for political reasons. When a court denies human rights principles, it is not a court of justice. The same may be said, about a court discriminate among people, on the bases of color, religion, or nationality, is not a court, but a police department or intelligent agency, where both follow orders of the political system. Whither it was capitalist or communist, or in between. Preventing courts to justly judge affairs among people or nations without listening, or at least giving both parties equal chance to explain their point of view before giving a decision in their dispute, is demeaning to justice. Unfortunately, morality decline worldwide, contributes in the unjust practices toward others. I think a good example would be taking sides for material rather than moral reasons, or using double standards with an issue differently. The example, is the Palestinian problem, where the United States stands firm supporting colonial occupation of the holy land on one hand, and denies the same measures applied to Palestinians.


Other example, USA double standards view is dealing with Arab regimes-even though most of them are undemocratic-on the bases of supporting Ignorant unqualified tribal leaders, stay in ruling more than fifty years on one hand, and denying to support real change in human rights, for several reasons, crowned by greediness to exploit resources of oil and gas energy while other peoples pay the price by their blood.(530 words)

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